Matexpo 2023 – Thank you for visiting.

Matexpo is coming up and traditionally Olivier then introduces some innovations in the field of foundations.

Automatic Olivier coupler for drilling pipes

We present our new patented automatic coupler to mount on a rotary drive. This is to speed up the coupling of tubes to the machine and make it safer. With this system, no one has to go up to lock the coupler at high altitude. This new coupler can also be used for a closed concrete system (FE with a VDW rotary drive) where it is necessary to place a full length reinforcement cage through the drill pipe. After the drill pipe is drilled into the ground, the coupler can be disconnected at the top. A rebar cage can be inserted into the drill pipe and reconnected within seconds. The automatic coupler can handle maximum drilling torque in clockwise and counterclockwise direction and is compatible with all existing Olivier couplers.

In addition to the automatic coupler, a new patented version of the Olivier coupler for soil displacement systems is also present This coupler can be used on pipes from 219mm (8″) to 914mm (36″).

System for cylindrical full displacement piles

A new patented system was developed for making cylindrical full displacement piles with no lost drill tip and which does not involve grout injection in hard sand layers. Comparative tests with existing systems have shown that the new system works much faster and more efficiently, has no problem with hard sand layers, and minimizes the ecological footprint. For small pile diameters FE 360 mm (14″), larger reinforcement cages can be placed through the drill pipe. This is because a drilling pipe of 324mm (12″¾) is used over the entire length. One of the advantages with large pile diameters, FE 660 mm (26″), is that the auger head is much shorter compared to traditional full displacement auger heads and thus causes much less friction. This reduces the amount of drilling torque required and results in a serious decrease in fuel consumption.


MYRIX is a portal specifically designed for monitoring foundation equipment. It enables the user, based on real time information, to increase the equipment efficiency and production to deliver a higher quality end product.

  • Increasing the uptime of your machine(s) through direct insight into machine parameters
  • Improving quality and production through direct access to all current pile parameters
  • Improving quality and progress control through insight into as-built data from the Pile Positioning System
  • Anytime and anywhere direct access to current documentation
  • Insight into current and executed service
  • Increasing uptime through direct remote service assistance

The MYRIX portal will be exhibited during Matexpo through a simulation of a construction site with associated real-time data.