Flaps system

Groundbreaking innovation that elevates sustainability in foundation work to a new level

Revitalize your foundation projects with the Olivier flaps system, steering towards CO2-neutral construction. This innovative system replaces lost drill tips, significantly conserving materials and slashing CO2 emissions. It enhances on-site safety by lowering accident risks and ensures precise pile placement. Adaptable to various drilling systems and pile sizes, the Olivier flaps system delivers a sustainable and effective approach to foundational support and soil improvement.

Olivier flaps system – The key to CO2-neutral construction

Every year in Belgium, about 150,000 displacement piles are drilled, traditionally requiring a lost drill tip to seal the drill pipe and prevent soil and water from entering. Olivier now introduces a groundbreaking solution: a patented flaps system, making the use of lost drill tips a thing of the past. This innovative system with a reusable tip not only increases sustainability but also offers significant advantages, making it an environmentally friendly and economical choice for the construction sector.

This system, in conjunction with the appropriate foundation machine, enables emission-free foundation construction, marking a significant step in sustainable building techniques. It enhances drilling efficiency and encourages the use of reusable materials, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Thus, Olivier establishes itself as a pioneer in the transition towards a greener construction industry.

Animation Olivier flaps system

More benefits

The use of the flap system in full displacement screw piling offers benefits far beyond just cost and material savings. Users have noted that this innovative system allows for much more precise positioning of the auger head. Additionally, there is a significant improvement in safety: the risk of construction site accidents is drastically reduced as there is no longer a need to manually place a lost drill tip under the auger head.

The Olivier system stands out with its unique ability to effortlessly place full reinforcement and concrete during drilling. Unlike other flap systems that obstruct the placement of full reinforcement through the drill pipe, the Olivier system allows for unimpeded passage. This positions it as an exceptionally efficient choice, significantly ahead of market alternatives.

The Olivier flaps system comes in three sizes, including an option with a 210mm (8″⁹/₃₂) passage for d31/51 auger heads, a medium variant with a 250mm (9″⁷/₈) passage for auger heads starting at d36/56, and a larger version with a 300mm (11″¹³/₁₆) passage designed for the largest auger heads. This range ensures versatility for different foundation requirements.

Moreover, the flaps system, in combination with the auger head for the Olivier pile, significantly reduces concrete usage and prevents soil from being brought to the surface. This offers a substantial economic and ecological advantage within the construction industry.

The Olivier flaps system utilized for creating full displacement Olivier piles.

The Olivier flaps system is protected by one or more of the following patents, corresponding patents, and patents pending across various jurisdictions, including: