Olivier pile

The Olivier pile stands out as a revolutionary solution in foundation engineering. Crafted from reinforced concrete and featuring a unique screw-shaped shaft, this innovative pile is installed without the need for soil removal. Its versatile design allows it to serve not only as a robust foundation pile but also as an effective ground improvement, offering unparalleled stability and performance for your construction projects.

Up to 40% less concrete consumption and no lost drill tip. The foundation pile with the smallest ecological and economic footprint.

An Olivier® pile is a patented drilled displacement pile made of concrete or reinforced concrete with a screw-shaped shaft (helical shaft) which is performed without soil removal. Due to its screw-shaped shaft, the Olivier pile is particularly suitable for use in soils with low load-bearing capacities, such as clay and loam, but can be applied in almost all types of soil. ontrary to traditional FDP piles, the Olivier pile is 100% displaced until the bottom of the pile and no soil is transported to the surface. An Olivier pile can be made with any foundation machine with a minimum torque from 10t/m.

The Olivier auger heads for helical piles are the same as the auger heads used in the BBRI test campaign conducted by Olivier NV done at Sint-Katelijne-Waver and Limelette between 2000 and 2002. These results were published in the 2003 book “Belgium Screw Pile Technology” under “Olivier pile”.

Auger heads for the Olivier® pile are made in the following diameters:

  • d31/46 (310-460mm)
  • d31/51 (310-510mm)
  • d36/56 (360-560mm)
  • d41/61 (410-610mm)
  • d46/66 (460-660mm)
  • d51/71 (510-710mm)
  • d56/76 (560-760mm)
  • d61/81 (610-810mm)
  • d66/86 (660-860mm)