Olivier coupling

The Olivier® drill couplings are specially designed for making full displacement piles in an open concrete system. The couplings are connected by a male and a female side that slide 500mm into each other and is fixed with 16 plugs. These plugs are configured so that no torque or pulling force is ever applied to a screw thread.

Due to its specific design, the Olivier coupling allows concrete in combination with full length reinforcement to be placed through the drill pipes and auger head without any problems. The coupling can always be disconnected, even after long periods of time. The Olivier couplings exist in different sizes for different types of tubes.

SmallStandardLargeLarge XLLarge XXL
Max. torque35 t/m55 t/m75 t/m75 t/m75 t/m
Outside Ø300 mm350 mm400 mm442 mm518 mm
Inside Ø210 mm250 mm300 mm350 mm405 mm
Drilling pipe Ø273 mm324 mm355 mm406 mm470 mm
The Olivier auger heads, couplings and associated systems are protected by the international design numbers DM/210 319 and DM/212 008 and the patent WO2019077416A1.

Coupling for rotary head

An Olivier® coupling can be connected directly to a rotary drive. The coupling is strong enough so that no special cardan needs to be placed between the rotary and the coupling. This is only possible if the rotary head can handle it. Olivier can provide a special coupling to a flange so that it can be attached to the rotary. The Olivier coupling is designed for use in an open concrete system.

Drilling pipes

The Olivier® drilling pipes with corresponding couplings are always constructed with a male coupling at the top and a female coupling at the bottom.

The ends of the tubes are first flattened in a lathe and chambered. Then the couplings are pressed into the tube. This ensures that the couplings are 100% straight to the tube and can transfer a basic torque with the tension. Afterwards everything is welded.

One set of drill pipes can be used for several auger heads. On the auger heads, there is a male coupling that never wears out. So logically, there are more male couplings (which cannot wear out) in a set of drilling tools than female couplings. Drill pipes are always made to the length and diameter required by the customer. This depends on the foundation machine that will be worked with. Commonly used useful drill lengths are 4m, 8m and 12m.