Olivier goes Kiwi!

CLL – Service & Solutions has successfully launched the Olivier piling system in New Zealand.

Over 18 days of intensive on-site training, the CLL team mastered the setup and use of Olivier drilling tools, as well as strategies for implementation on the construction site and the placement of reinforcement cages through drilling pipes. They also learned the correct formation of piles with the optimal concrete mix and much more…

On one site, 21-meter-long d31/51 piles were constructed using a Liebherr LRB23, while on another site, 24-meter-long d41/61 piles were drilled using a Liebherr LRB355.

By utilizing the innovative Olivier flap system, which eliminates the need for lost drill tips, CLL is now producing the most ecological and economically friendly full displacement piles in New Zealand.