Flaps system

FDP drilling without lost bit

In Belgium alone, approximately 150.000 FDP piles are drilled into the ground each year. Each time, a lost bit is needed to close the auger head and drill pipe. This lost bit is needed so that no soil and water would end up in the drill pipe. Olivier has developed and internationally patented a system that eliminates the need of a lost bit. This system has numerous advantages.

Animation Olivier flaps system

More benefits

The use of the flaps system for full displacement piles has more advantages than just cost and material savings. For example, users experience that with the flaps system the auger head can be positioned much more accurately. Safety is also greatly improved: since it is no longer necessary to place a lost bit under the auger head by hand, work-related accidents is eliminated. Another positive experience is that when drilling an Olivier pile d36/56 to d56/76 with the patented system, the full reinforcement and concrete can be placed without any problems. The double soil displacement Olivier auger head for Olivier piles ensures that little or no soil comes up with it. It also owes this due to its screw-shaped shaft.